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word element [Gr.], time.
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, chron- [Gr. chronos, time]
Prefixes meaning time or timing.
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Chronicles acknowledges that Moses had a special relationship with God (I Chron. 6:34 [6:49]; 23:14; and II Chron.
Chron's interests include the smart home services, Internet of Things platforms, deregulated energy and energy efficiency offerings.
(3.) Rashi (I Chron. 5:41) also observes that Ezra did not become high priest because Jeshua arrived in Jerusalem long before him.
Chron has set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Zen Energy, Inc.
Thus, the Chronicler mentions a Commentary (midrash) of the Book of Kings (II Chron. 24:27) and the records of Iddo the seer (II Chron.
Good2gether, a social media Web service that connects people to causes and nonprofit organizations, on Tuesday announced the launch of's Do Good Channel, featuring information and access to numerous nonprofit organizations, including those supporting victims of Hurricane Ike.
In the same year, he was found guilty in a separate robbery charge and sentenced to three years in prison, ( Chron reported.
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"Walt is demonstrating how valuable a cartoonist can be to a newspaper's Web strategy," adds Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) President Nick Anderson, the Houston Chronicle cartoonist who also co-creates animations for
He was arrested when a team of armored marshals suddenly arrived at the vacation cabin while he was sitting with his wife and three children," Matthai said in an email to ( Chron.
twitter: @Evening Chron tel: 0191 201 6446 email: facebook: BY CAR: Narrow lanes and a speed restriction of 30mph are in force at Silverlink, North Tyneside due to long-term roadworks, affecting both the A1058 Coast Road and the A19.