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Chou will now focus on products and "innovation" while Wang will take charge of the less glamour side of the business she co-founded, looking after sales, marketing, logistics and customer service.
Rescue dog Chou Chou the beagle with fosterers Kitty Niziblian, seven, and brother Tadhg, four, at home in Whitchurch
According to the paper, Chou also said that he is 'happy' with his company's recent Apple settlement.
Chou, however, sees himself as a victim and wants compensation from Japan, which he says took the best years of his life and turned them into a long march through the prison camps -- on both sides of the barbed wire.
as example, Chou said the company recently innovated transmission systems and drive motors of articulated robots, achieving such production know-how independently.
Chou fetched the paper boat and placed it in the water, where it grew immediately into a full-sized boat.
In addition to Chou, the authors include post-doctoral researchers Weihua Zhang, Liangcheng Zhou and Jonathan Hu and graduate students Fei Ding, Wei Ding, Wen-Di Li and Yuxuan Wang.
That's going to be important as the economy improves and companies spend more," Chou said.
While Chou will take the position of head of client coverage in Hong Kong, Kwo joined UBS AG on December 1 as a country team head in Hong Kong.
Chou and his colleagues reviewed medical and pharmacy claims data from January 2000 to November 2007.
Seth Rogen stars as James Reid aka The Green Hornet, who hooks up with his late father's assistant Kato, played by Jay Chou, to form a crimefighting duo to rid the city of all its villains.
Peter Chou said at a press conference to launch the project.