Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell

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A line of fibroblasts isolated in 1958, which is used in research, grows well in culture, and spontaneously transforms to a malignant morphology, due to cytoskeletal disorganization
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In our last situation, a major biopharmaceutical manufacturer incorporates CHO cell expression for monoclonal antibody production and purification, with filtration playing a major role in the production process.
POTELLIGENT([R]) Technology involves the reduction of the amount of fucose in the carbohydrate structure of an antibody using a proprietary fucosyl transferase-knockout CHO cell line as a production cell.
For example, a very different set of expertise would be required to operate a microbial fermenter than to operate a CHO cell bioreactor.
siRNAs Targeting Vesivirus Potently Block CHO Cell Infection, Highlighting Uses of RNAi Technologies to Prevent or Treat Viral Infections in Bioprocessing -
The first EX-CELL Advanced product is the batch media system developed for a range of widely used industrial CHO cell lines, including SAFC's CHOZN cell line.
improved tolerability for NDLs compared with commercially available lipids, with no measurable adverse effects on CHO cell growth rates or cell viability;
The first EX-CELL Advanced product is the high-performing batch media system developed for a range of widely used industrial CHO cell lines, including SAFC's proprietary CHOZN cell line.
These data highlight some of our results in applying RNAi to augment CHO cell growth by targeting both cell death and metabolic pathways that are detrimental to the optimal performance of cells grown in bioreactors.
With so many variants of the CHO cell line and so many generic media and associated supplements, it seems difficult to just pick one media and associate it with any CHO-derived cell line.
Studies have demonstrated that silencing certain target genes involved in certain CHO cell apoptotic and metabolic pathways resulted in 40 to 60% improved cell viability as compared with untreated cells.
We offer an extensive breadth of process development capabilities from cell line and strain development, using our proprietary pAVEway[TM] and CHO cell line systems, to process development, analytical development, clinical and commercial manufacturing.
Cell Biologist with experience in CHO cell line development needed for growing biotechnology company.