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 (cGy) [sen´tĭ-gra″]
a unit of absorbed radiation dose equal to one hundredth (10−2) of a gray, or 1 rad.
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where, the EBRT of total dose 50 Gy (Gray) in 25 fractions, 200 cGy (centigray) per fraction daily for 5 days a week was given with linear accelerator along with injection cisplatin 35 mg/[m.sup.2] intravenous over 1 h infusion was given weekly during EBRT course.
The Elekta Precise Clinical Linear Accelerator was calibrated using a large water phantom before this study was done using a 6 MV photon beam to give 100 cGy (1 Gy) at 100 MU with a pre-calibrated NE 2570/1 Farmer-Type Ionization Chamber to determine the absorbed dose.
We further investigated if the CG-rich oxidized cfDNA penetrates into cells after treating them with 10 cGy of IR.
Irradiation was accomplished at a dose of 1000 cGy from a 60Co source at a distance of 80 cm at a rate of 96 cGy/min.
The computer-based calculated dose within entire PTV ranged from 99.7 to 101.6 cGy, and the dose inhomogeneity was 1.9% within the PTV.
En el tratamiento con iridio 192 sin plomo, dosis de 300 cGy y un aplicador de contacto prescrito a 1,5 cm, se encontro un conteo de 51.676 pixeles donde el minimo fue 115 y el maximo 169.
(2,6,7) Vale ressaltar que a dose de radiacao, com protecao abdominal adequada, fica em torno de 0,004 cGy, sendo insignificante o risco fetal.
Differential dose volume graph coordinates Dose (cGy) Volume/dose ([cm.sup.3]/ cGy) 18.000 0.000 30.000 0.002 42.000 0.052 54.000 0.180 66.000 0.244 78.000 0.210 90.000 0.164 102.000 0.121 114.000 0.100 126.000 0.086 138.000 0.086 150.000 0.110 162.000 0.136 174.000 0.148 186.000 0.141
The dose of radiation administered was 11.7 cGy per scan, as measured by dosimeter.
Total radiation dose varied from 6000 cGy to 7920 cGy (mean 6900 cGy, median 7000 cGy).
Adjuvant therapy with 5-flourousil and gemcitabine for 6 months andradiotherapywiththe dose of 4500 cGy for 5 were decided to be given to the patient.