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CGG or CGG sequence

Shorthand for the DNA sequence: cytosine-guanine-guanine. Cytosine and guanine are two of the four molecules, otherwise called nucleic acids, that make up DNA.
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The delegation gave an overview of CGG geological and geophysical plans, programmes and services provided and aspects of future cooperation with NOGA.
These outdated facilities do not meet the standards expected by CGG which is proud of providing a modern working environment for its staff.
The main sessions of the forum will include the founders and/or CEOs of each of the four CGG founding institutions as well as international speakers from leading global professional organizations.
As part of the deal, CGG will deploy Trango, its E&P database solution; KADME, a Norwegian software company, to provide local expertise and its Whereoil software platform; and EVRY, a Nordic data centre company, to provide the IT infrastructure and the hosting environment.
Through its three complementary business divisions of Equipment, Acquisition and Geology, and Geophysics & Reservoir (GGR), CGG brings value across all aspects of natural resource exploration and exploitation.
This method reproducibly amplified alleles with > 1000 CGG repeats and demonstrated excellent concordance with Southern blotting in an assessment of clinical samples with FMR1 alleles that spanned the entire range of CGG repeats.
CGG officials said the exhaustive questionnaire covers topics such as service conditions, work environment, performance appraisal, promotion system, and how officers balance their work and personal lives.
The launch of Xpansion Interpreter builds upon Asuragen's proven innovation in our breakthrough technology AmplideX[TM], Asuragen's current CGG repeat primed PCR research reagents," stated Matt Winkler, Ph.
A more detailed announcement concerning the Exchange Offer is released by CGG US today.
As part of the transaction, CGG will provide its patented technology in support of the seismic crews.
CGG will make a mandatory cash offer for all remaining shares in Exploration Resources in accordance with the provisions of the Norwegian Securities Act.
CGG plays an integral role by working with the credit unions and their members receiving remittances, and then contacting directly the remittance-sending family members residing in the United States.