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Calibration curves, obtained by linear regression of a plot of the analyte/internal standard peak-area ratio (y) vs analyte concentration (x), were linear over the range of concentrations tested (0-2.5 [micro]mol/L for CML and 0-1.0 [micro]mol/L for CEL), with correlation coefficients >0.999.
He had been doing very decorative drawings and some stuff on cels which were very handsome for live-action films.
CEL, the cross-border financial flagship of China Everbright Group, has made tremendous efforts over the past two decades to grow itself into a leading cross-border investment and asset management company, both in China and overseas, creating a wealth of valuable assets along the way.
In addition to accelerating development of the MeshWorks and MeshConnect product lines, this acquisition strengthens CEL's ability to help customers connect their devices to the Internet of Things.
CEL International Ltd - formerly Courtaulds Engineering which was set up in 1963 to build the parent company's factories world-wide - has a long history in Coventry.
In the present study, we intercrossed the genotypes from those seven selections and evaluated their progenies, to (i) evaluate the progress achieved by one cycle of divergent phenotypic selection for NDF, ADF, ADL, CEL, ADL/HEM, ADL/CEL, and ADL/(CEL+ HEM) on timothy digestibility, (ii) evaluate correlated responses to selection, and (iii) identify the most effective and stable selection criteria that can improve timothy digestibility through fiber digestibility without adversely affecting plant biomass.
A: The Center for Enriched Living (CEL) has been providing life-changing opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) for the past 50 years.
CEL is an asset-management company that was 49.7%-owned by China Everbright Group (CEG) as of June 2018.
Mr CHEN Shuang, executive director and chief executive officer of CEL, delivered the welcome address as well as a keynote speech on "Cross-border Investment Trends in China", which examined how CEL has succeeded over the last 20 years in building itself into a cross-border investment and asset management company by leveraging its foothold in Hong Kong and strong ties to the Mainland.
HANDSOME young actor Cel Spellman has every reason to smile - as he's beaten the bullies who could so easily have ruined his life.
In a Facebook post, Ocampo's wife Cel said her husband faced libel charges in relation to a bigamy case that involved his sister.