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Classical cadherins can be further subdivided into the type I classical cadherins consisting of CDH1 (E-cad), CDH2 (N-cad), CDH3 (P-cad), CDH4 (R-cad), and CDH15 (M-cad); the type II classical cadherins include CDH5 (VE-cad), CDH6 (K-cad), CDH7, CDH8, CDH9 (T1-cad), CDH10 (T2-cad), CDH11 (OB-cad), CDH12 (N-cad-2), CDH18, CDH19, CDH20, CDH22, and CDH24.
All CDH genes (n = 27) screened in this study include CDH1 (E-cadherin), CDH2 (N-cadherin), CDH3 (P-cadherin), CDH4 (R-cadherin), CDH5 (VE-cadherin), CDH6 (K-cadherin), CDH7 (cadherin 7), CDH8 (cadherin 8), CDH9 (T1-cadherin), CDH10 (T2-cadherin), CDH11 (OB-cadherin), CDH12 (N-cadherin 2), CDH13 (H-cadherin), CDH15 (M-cadherin), CDH16 (KSP-cadherin), CDH17 (LI-cadherin), CDH18 (cadherin 18), CDH20 (cadherin 20), PCDHGA12 (CDH21), CDH22 CDH23 CDH24 DCHS1 (CDH19, or CDH25), CDH26 DCHS2 (CDH27), CDHR3 (CDH28), and CDHR4 (CDH29).
All tumors that were evaluated showed underexpression of SHH, TRAF3, ARHGAP4, DCC, CDH12, CDH13, TDGF1, and TGFB1.