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Importantly, analysis of genes associated with proliferation, differentiation and cell cycle indicated that CD16-positive monocytes represented later stage of differentiation (assessed by substantial expression of broad spectrum of markers characteristic for dendritic cells and macrophages: SIGLEC10, CD43, RARA and CD97, CD115, C3AR1 respectively) in contrast to CD16-negative monocytes demonstrating high levels of genes coding myeloid (CD1d, CD14, CD93, MNDA) and granulocyte markers (CD114, FPR1) [6,8].
The impact of expressions of CD97 and its ligand CD55 at the invasion front on prognosis of rectal adenocarcinoma.
34 Environment Three parameter mode([double dagger]) CD97 m 1.
Both the GTML and the CD97 cards are based on microprocessor chips, and are dual interface cards, meaning they have both contactless and contacted interfaces.
ASK manufactures the GTML and CD97 cards using an innovative process that prints the antenna with silver ink on a paper support, which delivers the advantages of contactless technology at a more affordable cost for transit operators.