compact disc

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compact disc/read only memory

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There are over 60 million CD drives in use today around the globe.
Since then, the prices have plunged, processors, modems and CD drives have gotten faster and there you are stuck in the slow lane and taunted by the hourglass symbol.
The set-top-based CD market, CD drives that connect to a television set, is newer than its computer-based peer, and is only now taking shape, with products that include the Sega CD, the 3DO Multi-player, and Philips' CD-Interactive.
SimpleWare Auto effortlessly synchronizes media between your car and home PC, plus interfaces with CD drives, removable storage, and portable media players.
Being the only software able to make virtual CD drives available in terminal server sessions Virtual CD TS excels as the only software in the world capable of making virtual CD drives session-relatively available in terminal server sessions.
Typical applications for the USB104+ board include use with various removable or fixed mass storage media, USB memory keys, printers, cameras, CD drives and high-speed USB 2.