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Complications of CCNF include airway obstruction, vascular occlusion or thrombosis, and mediastinal extension.
In this article, we describe an interesting case of CCNF with thoracic extension.
(1) In most of the case series on CCNF, the primary etiology has been an odontogenic infection, although infections secondary to surgery (6) and peritonsillar abscess (11) have also been reported.
Mediastinal extension of CCNF is a very serious complication that can lead to mediastinitis, pericarditis, pleural or pericardial effusion, empyema, pneumonitis, cardiac tamponade, and esophageal bleeding.
Airway management is of paramount importance in patients with CCNF. In a review of cases of CCNF with thoracic extension published in 2001, Bahu et al reported an overall mortality rate of 35%.
Which of the following is not among the predisposing factors for CCNF listed in the article by Edwards et al?
Edwards et al recommend that wound dressings and packing be changed in patients with CCNF how often?