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(21-23) NF-Y regulates the expression of six CP subunit genes ([alpha]2, [alpha]5, [alpha]7, [beta]3, [beta]4, and [beta]6), five RP subunit genes (Rpt1, Rpt5, Rpt6, Rpn10, and Rpn11), and one assembly chaperone (p28), which contain one or more CCAAT box in their promoter region.
The index case was found to have a novel to literature T [right arrow] A mutation at position -72 from the Cap site, located in the CCAAT box of the [beta]-promoter region (Figure 1).
In this study, a novel promoter mutation of -72 (T [right arrow] A) within the conserved CCAAT box of [beta]-globin gene has been identified in heterozygous state.
Xu, "A novel mutation of-73(A [right arrow] T) in the CCAAT box of the [beta]-globin gene identified in a patient with the mild [beta]-thalassemia intermedia," Annals of Hematology, vol.
Expression of steroidogenic factor 1 in the testis requires an E box and CCAAT box in its promoter proximal region.
CONSTANS and the CCAAT box binding complex share a functionally important domain and interact to regulate flowering of Arabidopsis.
Catabolite derepression, from a genetic point of view, results in transcription of numerous genes, by upstream activation sites (UAS) such as CCAAT box, R box, or CSRE element which are known to be involved in oxidative metabolic pathways [17] or PKA pathway [18,19], and from a metabolic and functional point of view results in enhanced uptake of amino acids via TOR signal transduction [5].
The resulting trimer binds to an inverted CCAAT box, stimulating the transcription of a number of genes [14].