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A military abbreviation for agents—Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear—that may be used or to which military personnel may be exposed in non-conventional warfare
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The BFP was the latest government agency to benefit from the CBRN training that was being administered by the US for the Philippines.
France and Lebanon have worked in the past to stem the CBRN threat.
- Rapidly Delivering Technology to Enhance Warfighter and Emergency Personnel Protection from CBRN Effects
These new technologies and systems will revolutionise the way emergency services across the world tackle a CBRN incident.
* See CBRN as a condition of the environment and not as a special case.
" I am sure that DRDO's long term perspective plan in conjunction and integrated perspective plan of the services must have encompassed the development of mitigation of technologies against such CBRN threats," he added.
This will be used by around 35 members of the CBRN platoon undergoing refresher trainings at Fort Bonifacio.
If you run into problems, call CBRN-IRC at DSN 793-7349, (309) 782-7349, toll-free (800) 831-4408, or email: cbrn.irc@us.army.mil
In response to these challenges, the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) established the Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) CBRN Survivability Trail Boss Initiative in October 2009.
Participants will discuss the current state of play of the initiative in the Middle East, the possible role of the CBRN Centres of Excellence in supporting bilateral and multilateral cooperation, the CBRN methodology and the different ways for each stakeholder to be further involved.
There are no commonly accepted definitions of CBRN materials, threats or incidents.