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After numbers of people, including CAUT academics, came to the aid of the beleaguered Christian schools, CAUT backed down (for now) from what the National Post declared was "anti-religious bullying" (February 6, 2011) and what others have called an "anti-Christian witch hunt?
CAUT, 2008, Narrowing the gap: Women academics in Canadian Universities: CAUT Equity Review, No.
Let us hope the CAUT will elect a new and more intelligent director in the spring.
After protests from the university academic staff and Elders, the University of Regina Faculty Association, and CAUT, the FSIN appointed an All Chiefs' Task Force to create a new governance model for the university.
1) Canadian Association of University Teachers, "Government Expenditures on post-secondary education, 2000-01," CAUT Education Review 3, no.
In our initial discussions, we decided that we would serve only if we could be independent of CAUT and any other person or organization.
We just feel that it is really an unnecessary tax," says CAUT press secretary Jonathan Askins.
In fact, women are not fairly represented in the upper echelons of the overwhelming majority of Canadian universities (Drakich and Stewart; CAUT, "The Changing Academy?
In Bellegarde's letter, he asked that CAUT remove the censure from the university and mentioned the Supreme Court of Canada, which recently declined to hear an appeal of a professor's complaint against the university.
Members of the CAUT Defence Fund followed through with this threat on twenty-nine occasions from 1978 to 2003.