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After numbers of people, including CAUT academics, came to the aid of the beleaguered Christian schools, CAUT backed down (for now) from what the National Post declared was "anti-religious bullying" (February 6, 2011) and what others have called an "anti-Christian witch hunt?
CAUT, 2008, Narrowing the gap: Women academics in Canadian Universities: CAUT Equity Review, No.
Figure 4, on enrollment patterns in selected fields, contains the most problematic data in our view, because recent enrollment information is highly unreliable (caution is necessary with the CAUT material, for example).
According to the CAUT, the company's allegations of disparagement "appear to be based solely on Olivieri's participation and attendance at conferences on the relationship between universities and the pharmaceutical industry at large, academic freedom, scientific research and conflict of interest.
With the advice and assistance of CAUT, and the support of the University Faculty Association, we were finally able to bring the relevant persons in positions of administrative authority back into the discussion of what a new accommodation plan would look like (those persons included the new Provost of the University, the Dean of Science, the Director of my home academic unit, the new head of Human Resources, and the University Anti-Discrimination Officer).
28) Canadian Association of University Teachers, CAUT Education Review 12, no.
He also remarked that Trinity Western was not even informed that it was being "investigated" by CAUT, and says that it is "outright anti-Christian discrimination" (ibid).
After protests from the university academic staff and Elders, the University of Regina Faculty Association, and CAUT, the FSIN appointed an All Chiefs' Task Force to create a new governance model for the university.
These numbers are similar to the national averages reported by CAUT (2006) of 18 per cent, 34 per cent, and 41 per cent respectively (no national data were provided for lecturers).
President's Column: Envisioning a Family Friendly Campus:" CAUT Bulletin Online.
1) Canadian Association of University Teachers, "Government Expenditures on post-secondary education, 2000-01," CAUT Education Review 3, no.