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Cisplatin and Tirapazamine in Subjects with Advanced Previously Untreated Non-Small-Cell Lung Tumours. A phase III trial that assessed the efficacy and safety of tirapazamine plus cisplatin for treating non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Conclusion The median survival was significantly longer and the response rate was significantly greater for patients who received tirapazamine plus cisplatin than for those who received cisplatin alone. Tirapazamine enhances the activity of cisplatin in patients with advanced NSCLC and confirms that hypoxia is an exploitable therapeutic target in human malignancies
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Quinlin has been Nimitz's ALRE officer since May 2015 and seen the tremendous work it takes to get the ship's catapults ready for the daily grind of deployment.
Catapult Therapy TCR Ltd is a special purpose company set up by CGT Catapult, UCL Business and Imperial Innovations, and managed by CGT Catapult, for the development of the WT1 T cell receptor cell therapy discovered through research at University College London and Imperial College London.
At present, cities face enormous challenges when they try to assess the costs and benefits of smart city initiatives," said Jarmo Eskselinen, Chief Innovation and Technology Office, Future Cities Catapult.
Catapult Learning is focused on improving academic performance for at-risk and struggling students, including potential dropouts and those with learning and emotional disabilities.
Catapult Systems is an IT consulting company that offers a full spectrum of services including application development, software integration, infrastructure, managed services, user centered design solutions and enterprise mobile applications.
The beauty of the catapult programme is that, with government support, those full-scale facilities can be purchased and put into a facility such as the National Composites Centre in Bristol," says Elsy.
Catapult Systems is a national Microsoft-focused IT consulting company.
MIRA chief executive officer, Dr George Gillespie, said: "As the name suggests, Catapult Centres will create a dynamic environment capable of stimulating, developing and then commercialising the outputs of Britain's world-class research base.
The embedded components of UMICOS Catapult include a real time kernel, USB stack, graphics, networking, storage subsystem and more, while the PC components feature a heavily customized Eclipse-based IDE, a GCC-based toolchain, project configuration tools and system monitoring facilities.
From Smithsonian Secretary Samuel Langley's use of a spring-operated catapults in 1903, to the Wright Brothers' weight and derrick-style catapult; followed by the experimental air-compressed catapult system used to make the first successful catapult launch; to hydraulic catapult systems, on to the current steam-driven catapult systems of today's aircraft carriers, the catapult has seen its share of technological advances.
The catapult stroke felt similar to a steam catapult and EMALS met all of the expectations I had," Fox News quoted Lt.
She said: "We come to the museum quite a lot because Rhys likes everything to do with Romans and I think when he heard he'd be able to make a catapult he thought of Bart Simpson, as he likes him too.