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1. to examine or map the body, or one or more organs or regions of it, by gathering information with a sensing device, such as a moving detector or a sweeping beam of radiation.
2. the data or image so obtained, often designated according to the organ under examination, such as a brain scan, kidney scan, or thyroid scan.
3. shortened form of scintiscan.
A-scan display on a cathode ray tube of ultrasonic echoes, in which one axis represents the time required for return of the echo and the other corresponds to the strength of the echo.
B-scan display on a cathode ray tube of ultrasonic echoes, in which the position of a bright dot on the tube corresponds to the time elapsed and the brightness of the spot to the strength of the echo; movement of the transducer across the skin surface yields a two-dimensional cross-sectional display.
CAT scan (CT scan) the image generated by computerized axial tomography.
HIDA scan a type of scan using a technetium 99m complex to assess hepatobiliary function.
thallium scan a scintiscan involving use of thallium 201; see also thallium scan.
ventilation-perfusion scan (V/Q scan) a scintigraphic technique for demonstrating perfusion defects in normally ventilated areas of the lung in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, consisting of the imaging of the distribution of an inhaled radionuclide followed by the imaging of the perfusion of the lungs by an injected radionuclide.
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CAT scan

A CT scan.
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CAT scan

Computer tomography, see there . ;.
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CAT scan

computed axial tomography scan, a colloquial term for CT scan.
See: computed tomography
See also: scan
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Q. I get bad headaches had ct scans and m.r.i. even sinus surgery, suffering 2yrs now, dizzness occurs too..

A. If all prior medical investigations turned out normal, and sinus surgery didn't help relieve your symptoms, I would suggest the reason for your headaches is probably migraine attacks, that can cause severe headaches, and no CT scan or MRI can diagnose them. The diagnosis is made clinically, by your doctor. Migraine headaches can be eased by proper medications, before and during an attack. You should consult a neurologist.

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Caption: Figure 1: Axial view of CAT scan. Mesenteric swirl sign.
Sheeley, the defendant's employee, when she handed over her jewelry to the technician at his specific direction for the sole purpose of undergoing a PET and CAT scan at defendant's facility.
In these instances, the obvious benefits of getting information from a CAT scan clearly outweigh any risks to the patients.
Using computerized tomography (CAT scan), the system focuses on killing cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.
380 Second Avenue is a 200,000 s/f medical building, with two new lobbies and four new passenger elevators, onsite MRI, CAT scan and Surgery Center.
The physicians said a CAT scan performed on the prime minister is encouraging, indicating a slight reduction in brain swelling, and that Sharon's other vital signs are within normal limits.
It took about four hours to get stitches and a CAT scan. Thankfully he was all dear.
This year, the Englehart project has been named as a co-recipient, along with the Temiskaming Hospital CAT scan fund, for the proceeds of the 2005 charity event, says Charles Hebert, director of parks and recreation.
* Having fat deep within your abdomen increases your risk of high blood pressure, according to University of Washington researchers who measured the body fat of 300 middle-aged and older Japanese-Americans by CAT scan. Compared to participants with the least intra-abdominal fat, those with the most had up to five times the risk of developing high blood pressure over the next 10 to 11 years.
Major breakthroughs pioneered at VA include the cardiac pacemaker, the CAT scan, and the development of radio-immune assay techniques.
In addition, a CAT scan must be immediately available to the ER--not in a distant hospital wing--so that all acute stroke patients are scanned within 25 minutes after they arrive, and the scan is interpreted by a neurologist within 45 minutes.
After undergoing the CAT scan, the nurse subsequently was discharged from the hospital by another emergency room physician, Dr.