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(Casserio) (kas'ĕr),
Giulio, Italian anatomist, 1556-1616. See: Casser fontanelle, Casser perforated muscle.
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"I said all week he was doing really well," Casse said.
Casse, 58, was more relieved than anything that his prized 3-
Previously serving BioVault - a human tissue storage and processing company - as its CEO, Casse's expertise saw her assisting biotech companies in delivering winning strategies and building their commercial infrastructure.
Casse has experience in the embedded market going back over ten years with Monditech, an automotive market embedded specialist, Embelec, a former distributor of Artisan Studio in France, LiveDevices, an RTOS supplier to the transportation market, and I-Logix, an embedded software tools supplier, now part of IBM.
The black calf is blind-tooled front and back with the distinctive classically-influenced pot casse or broken jar design associated with Tory, and is one of only six examples of this size extant.
Casse is Italian for coffee and my van is a Piaggio Ape.
UNDISCOVERED FRANCE by Brigitte Tilleray (Casse II pounds 14 99) VERDICT: ***
Casse provides a rather adult answer in this introduction to nuclear astrophysics.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is advancing a global loan of 100 billion Lire (ECU 51 million) to Mediocredito Centrale SpA (MCC) and other financial intermediaries for on-lending to Professional Ducato Leasing SpA (PDL), the leasing subsidiary of the Casse del Tirreno banking group.
Reviewing Charles Murray's What It Means to be a Libertarian there, Daniel Casse asserts that big government is no big deal, and besides, we need it to deal with big problems: Farm programs haven't hurt agriculture, regulation hasn't stopped the computer and software industries (bad examples, since they're largely unregulated), and Social Security is just the greatest thing since sliced bread.