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Cardiology, cardiovascular surgery A randomized, open label, multicenter trial that compared the outcomes of CABG vs. medical therapy on M&M in Pts with coronary artery disease after an MI. See Angina, CABG, Silent ischemia.


Continuous aspiration of subglottic secretions.

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Q. Does using hair shampoo and conditioner too often or in too excess cass hair loss?

A. Chemicals used for dying, tinting, bleaching, straightening or permanent waves can cause hair to become damaged and break off if they are overused or used incorrectly. Overstyling and excessive brushing also can cause hair to fall out if the hair shaft becomes damaged.
so it really depends on which shampoo you are using and what are the materials inside it. i heard from more then one hair dresser that conditioner can cause it and shampoo for dry hair that also contains conditioner. but it could be just an urban legend...

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In most cases, CAS focused on the care of the children rather than on the danger the abuser continued to present.
With a maximum of three residences per floor, the Cass Gilbert features sumptuous master bath suites with large soaking tubs, glass shower enclosures and double vanities.
The most important change, Cass noted, was eliminating concrete or asphalt surfaces and replacing them with mulch, sand or rubber matting.
We wanted to send out a press release for Valentine's Day; I thought it would be a hoot to throw in the stuff about Wendell and Cass as well.
A second study, led by Cass, showed that the Polish architects hadn't been entirely wrong.
However, now that CAS has been extended to all parts of the federal government, many more CPAs in smaller firms will need to become involved.
Brown describes Cass County as "wild and woolly," a land of native forests, lakes (4,000 over 10 acres in size), marshes, bogs, and a widely dispersed population of rugged, hard-working people.
CASS work is performed by two segments of Martin Marietta.
Cass serves Fortune 1,000 organizations with outsourced expense management solutions for "complex payables" such as invoices for utilities, telecom and logistical expenses.
will distribute CASS factory test systems through a direct sales force in the U.
The remaining, "organic" fraction has largely gone unstudied, Cass contends, because its chemistry is so complicated and costly to analyze.
Through use of Cass telecommunications expense management services, Cass clients are able to increase data capture and eliminate most of the paper from the process; 85% - 100% of its clients' telecommunications invoices are delivered to Cass in an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format, a richer source of expense data than paper invoices.