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However, no experimental genotoxicity data could be obtained from the ECHA database for three of these, since they were registered for intermediate use only (CAS number 75-55-8 and 96-23-1) or the information was limited to read-across data (CAS number 111-44-4).
2.2.2 3-Phenyl-5-(4-tolyl)-[sup.1]H-pyrazole (2b) CAS number [30152-31-9]: whitish solid; yield 93%; mp 181-183[degrees]C (lit.
* Poly(toluene diisocyanate) (CAS Number: 9017-01-0)
[E.sub.2] (CAS number 50-28-2, purity 98%), BP-2 (CAS number 131-55-5, purity 97%), [alpha]-ZA (CAS number 247-769-0, purity 97%), 4-OP (CAS number 140-66-9, purity 97%), HPTE (CAS number 2971-36-0, purity 98), BPA (CAS number 80-05-7, purity 99%), BPC (CAS number 14868-03-2, purity 99%), DDE (CAS number 72-55-9, purity 99%), butylparaben (CAS number 94-26-8, purity 99%), chlordecone (CAS number 143-50-0, purity 99%), and BBP (CAS number 85-68-7, purity 98%) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France).
(3) CAS number: A unique identifying number for every chemical substance assigned by the CAS Registry System, which is operated and administered by the Chemical Abstracts Service.
It consists of approximately 10,000 compounds listed h Chemical Abstracts (CAS) registry number where known, or the common chemical name or trade name where the CAS number is not available.
(iv) Scarlet Red; or Sudan IV (CAS Number 85-83-6).
Three cross-indices are provided as appendices to permit rapid location of a material by CAS number, synonym, or DOT guide number.
The CAS number and chemical structure analysis of Varox DCBP-50 paste is CAS #133-14-2; EINECS/ELINCS No.
Most of the laboratory exercises include: background, reading assessment, objective, principle of method, chemical with CAS number and hazards, reagents, precautions and waste disposal, supplies, equipment, procedure, data and calculations, questions and references.
"The new CAS number search function reduces the ambiguity of search results for the global chemical industry," said Julie Mason, general manager of
Additional MSDS Manager features allow users to: simplify the MSDS process with a powerful search engine to search for MSDSs by location (site, storage areas, and sub areas), material name, synonyms, components, CAS number, MSDS status, and vendor all from one web form; streamline their ability to comply with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard; empower employees to access electronic MSDS information via the Internet; know the status of all of their MSDSs, including current (active), inactive, pending and discontinued documents and data; reduce hazardous material Right-To-Know compliance costs and non-compliance risks.