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, gen.


, pl.


(kā'rō, kar'nis, -nes),
The fleshy parts of the body; muscular and fatty tissues.
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"For all of the well known potential environmental and health issues, burning is not an activity supported by CARI and its members," notes CARI in its newsletter.
'The first phase of the project ended in 2015, and CARI 2 is being implemented in the three Nigerian states to achieve its objective through the use of the Multi-Action Partnership (MAP).
Awena said: "At the start we made a prototype which was just a flannel and some sound boards from inside Christmas cards and then Cari Mon absolutely loved it.
Energy company Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) reported on Monday the appointment of Cari Boyce as senior vice president stakeholder strategy and president of its Duke Energy Foundation.
The reason for the explosion was still not fully clear but was likely due to a gas leak, Cari said.
"We haven't yet completed the investigation into the cause of the explosion, but it's compatible with a gas leak, and that's the only hypothesis we have at this point," Cari said.
Shortly after Liam was born his doctors completed several diagnostic tests, and Cari wanted their best guess of what his life would be like.
"The campaign is in disarray and is in danger of being embarrassed," Cari and Dougherty wrote in a lengthy memorandum on Jan.
Noticing a gap in the market for sleeker, sexier designs when shopping for her own wedding dress last year owner of Cari's Closet, Lisa Duffy Kavanagh, went on a mission to find some of the most beautiful gowns in the world for her new bridal store.
Cari Dawson is the chair of Alston & Bird's Class Action Practice Team and has defended hundreds of class actions involving claims of breach of warranty and contract, RICO, consumer fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and state and federal statutory claims.
Summary: Cari Dawson is the chair of Alston & Bird’s Class Action Practice Team and has defended hundreds of class actions involving claims of breach of ...