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(1) Coronary Angiography through the RAdial or FEmoral Approach. A trial comparing transradial and transfemoral approaches for coronary angiography (CA)
Primary endpoints In-hospital morbidity
Conclusion Transradial CA can be highly successful with few complications and good angiographic quality; it takes a bit longer, but permits earlier ambulation and discharge
(2) Cocktail Attenuation of Rotational Ablation Flow Effects study. A pilot study to see if the periprocedural complications of microvascular-mediated ischemia (slow flow or no reflow) and coronary vasospasm often associated with rotational ablation could be reduced, using a drug cocktail of verapamil, nitroglycerin, and heparin; 27 lesions were treated with a procedural success rate of 95%. Transient AV block is frequent, especially when treating RCA and circumflex arteries; therefore, prophylactic pacing is indicated
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Taking traditional objects such as the carafe or the low-slung Oriental brass coffee table as their starting point, the pair has transposed them into shiny brass, sleek glass and leather -- materials perfectly at home amid the streamlined, polished contemporary furniture by today's globally recognized names.
Reportedly, with the next generation Keurig 2.0 home brewing system, consumers are able to brew both a single cup and a carafe of coffee from a Keurig brand pack.
US consumers can use Kraft coffee brands in Keurig K-Cup Single Cup Brewers, the new Keurig 2.0 Brewing System, and the Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System that is designed for office and foodservice locations.
A suspicious border services agent dug a little bit deeper and discovered five kilograms of black tar opium hidden in seven coffee carafes at the Calgary, Alberta, International Airport.
The Quick-Press closure makes opening and closing the carafe as simple as pressing the button on the lid.
For a limited time collector's points appeared on the packages, and whoever cut out and submitted four of them got either the carafe or two glasses.
In keeping with the conference's racist base, the sound bite phenom known as the Reverend Jesse Jackson dipped his finger in the political carafe once again to stir up the race debate by claiming that not enough people of color are present on cable news programs such as MSNBC, FOX, CNN, etc.
Undersink systems such as the Kenmore 38460 ($80) have filters that can last twice as long as carafe or faucet-mounted units.
Make it more interesting by putting it in a glass carafe with some slices of fresh lemon or lime and carry it around with you wherever you are - sipping, rather than gulping, is best.
has announced that Tropicana has capped off its exciting new 1.75 litre PET carafe for Pure Premium[TM] orange juice with the innovative IDEAL[TM] closure supplied by Crown's Metal Closures Division.
NOTE to Paul Masson, the reason why nearly all wine producers clothe their wine in a traditional bottle shape, is that you can pour it without immersing your beloved furniture in the contents of the carafe. Right, now that's off my chest , what is the wine like?
Of course, if you found misogyny in Currin's earlier work, you won't be won over by, say, The Lobster (all works 2001), in which a woman's head and shoulders extend horizontally into the frame to become the stand for a traditional still life--fish, bread, fruit, carafe, even a violin, as well as the eponymous crustacean.