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Plural of calx.
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HP Studios followed up with a cybersecurity documentary about infamous Canadian hacker Michael Calce (aka Mafiaboy), who at the age of 15 crippled some of the world's biggest companies.
In line with its commitment to offering wellness-oriented shower solutions, Glass 1989 has developed Calce, a new range of shower trays in MineraLite, a composite of minerals and resins.
Those include: | Canadian hacker Michael Calce's February 2000 attack on major websites such as CNN, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay that paralysed the sites for hours.
Michael Calce, a Canadian IT security consultant who launched denial-of-service attacks in early 2000s at the age of 15 to shutdown Yahoo, CNN, Amazon, eBay and Dell websites, said each data breach is estimated to cost $10 million on average.
Mafiaboy (the Internet alias of Michael Calce) used the attack tool TFN2 to launch distributed attacks against these commercial websites in an attempt to "control the Internet".