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The dialectic of antitheatricality and theatricality comes to a head at the end when Caius asserts the undeniable physical force of the spectator.
I follow Tess Tavormina in noting that though the "Takamiya portion" of the Gonville and Caius manuscript mainly starts on fol.
Emanuel Caius Feldano filed the motion saying that they want to make some submission, before the Attorney General present his submission in the courts.
Here we would like to give an overview of this type of textual formation, based on the Orleans Bibliotheque Municipal Ms 222 (194) and the Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College 393 (455).
Waiting nearby for an opportunity to attack Catiline were several legions under Metellus and Caius Antonius, who cornered Catiline and his army against a range of mountains.
36): a blunt fellow (like that other Caius, in King Lear), despising fools and hypocrisy alike, incapable of measure or 'policy', his heart on the sleeve of his sword-arm.
On the last page of the Caius Choirbook is written the inscription `Ex do no et opere Edwardi Higgons cuius ecclesie canonicis', which may be translated as `By the gift and work of Edward Higgons, canon of this church'; the `ecclesia' is now believed to be St Stephen's.
After he expressed his disapproval of the Reign of Terror in Caius Gracchus (1792) and Fenelon (1793), his tragedies were censored.
He also wrote <IR> THE EIGHTH OF JANUARY </IR> (1829), The Deformed (1830), and Caius Marius (1831) as well as a novel about the Revolution, The Forsaken (1831).
original name Caius Octavius, 63 bc - ad 14) First emperor of Rome.
Nasdaq:TRLG) today announced the appointment of Caius Olowu as senior designer for the women's sportswear line.
yo THEATRE RSC Live: Coriolanus Caius Martius Coriolanus is a fearless soldier but a reluctant leader.