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computer-assisted instruction CAI; instructional activities that use a computer as the primary vehicle for teaching content or processes rather than one-to-one interaction with a student.



A calcium-channel blocker with tumouristatic (antiproliferative and antimetastatic) activity, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic activitie. It inhibits local vascular permeability stimulated by vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) or histamine and reduces TNF-alpha and IL-1beta levels at the site of inflammation and in serum, which may contribute to the anti-inflammatory effect.


computer-assisted instruction.
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CAIS Internet currently is preferred vendor for more than 1.
CAIS Internet operates a Cisco-powered, clear-channel Internet and ATM Network, and peers with public and private partners, and at national exchange points.
Formerly known as ATCOM/INFO, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAIS Internet (NASDAQ:CAIS), a Washington, D.
CAIS commenced trial installations in two major hotels in Oslo, Norway, the Byporten Hotel and the St.
Executive Vice President for Corporate and International Transactions for CAIS Internet.
The only equipment necessary is a laptop computer containing an Ethernet card - furthering the CAIS commitment to extend the Internet to consumers anytime and anywhere.
Randy Achee, Vice President for Content and Broadcast Networks at CAIS Internet stated, "In addition to providing best-of-breed MSN content to guests, CAIS and its hotel partners will share in CAIS/MSN portal revenues generated by ecommerce and advertising impressions.
CAIS Internet can deliver Internet access to hotels at speeds up to 175 times faster than a traditional 56k dial-up connection.
The Cendant Corporation makes CAIS the exclusive provider of high-speed Internet services to its nearly 200,000 real estate brokers and sales associates to their nationwide offices, including Century21(R), Coldwell Banker(R), and ERA(R).
CAIS will offer broadband access to all of these locations by taking advantage of an unprecedented combination of service offerings to reach all locations, regardless of wiring limitations.
CAIS staff will help DSCC officials headquartered in the Beverly Hills Hilton register convention attendees through a CAIS "Virtual Private Network (VPN)," making use of the latest in VPN tunneling protocols.
The CAIS VPN solution deployed uses both VPN and firewall security technology allowing committee registrants to securely register and access the registration database to obtain information collected regarding other attendees.

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