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chemical formula for calcium hydroxide.


A gene on chromosome 8q22 that encodes an isoenzyme of carbonic anhydrase, a zinc metalloenzyme that catalyses the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide. Carbonic anhydrase 2 is essential for bone resorption and osteoclast differentiation.

Molecular pathology
CA2 mutations are associated with osteopetrosis and renal tubular acidosis.
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Gonads recovered in July and were ripe in August at CAI and in September at CAII (Table 2, Fig.
During 2011, the mean GSI was greatest at CAI, whereas in 2012 the mean GSI at CAII was greatest (Fig.
Spring spawning was minor at CAI compared with at CAII in 2013 (Fig.
A well-mixed water column at CAI may have resulted in the wide range of seasonal water temperatures observed, whereas seasonal stratification at CAII explains less extreme seasonal fluctuation in bottom temperature.
Spawning was more complete at CAI than at CAII, possibly as a result of spatial differences in oceanographic conditions.
Expression of mRNA and immunohistochemical localization of CAII in the efferent ductules
Expression of CAII mRNA was not detected in the ED of WT and [alpha]ERKO at 10 and 18 days of ages (Figure 4A), while CAII mRNA was expressed in WT and [alpha]ERKO mice at 60 days of age (Figure 4A).
CAII is a cytoplasmic enzyme which helps regulate intracellular pH and HC[O.
To our knowledge, this is a first report of the expression of the mRNAs and their proteins for CAII, NHE3, DRA, CFTR, and ATPase [alpha]1 subunit in the mouse ED during postnatal development.