CAGE questionnaire

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CAGE questionnaire, a four-question survey used to identify potential alcohol dependence. CAGE is an acronym for the four areas identified (felt need to Cut back,
Annoyance by critics,
Guilt about drinking, and
Eye-opening morning drinking).
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9 per cent when combined with the CAGE questionnaire (Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking?
Screening and assessment instruments such as the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST), CAGE questionnaire etc.
The CAGE questionnaire is a brief screening instrument consisting of four simple questions about drinking behaviour.
2) The CAGE questionnaire consists of four questions: 1.
The CAGE Questionnaire (Ewing, 1984) was administered at the child's age four interview to screen for problem drinking among caregivers.
Our finding that 18 percent of the students who admitted to purposely tanning their skin scored positively on the CAGE questionnaire is significant, not only because it indicates the probable existence of SRD with respect to UV light but because this percentage is comparable with findings of other addiction studies," said Dr.
They used a scale of 0-10 to assess each man's pain intensity, and used the CAGE questionnaire to identify dependence on alcohol.
They used a scale of 0-10 to assess pain intensity, and used the CAGE questionnaire to identify alcohol dependence.
To screen for alcoholism, we used the CAGE questionnaire in which a subject is asked four questions about his or her relationship to alcohol.
Screening for Alcohol Abuse Using the CAGE Questionnaire.
The sensitivity of the CAGE questionnaire increases if the clinician also asks if the patient has ever been injured when drinking.