calcium carbide

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cal·ci·um car·bide

blackish crystalline lumps that yield acetylene gas when in contact with water.
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According to the analysis of subordination function, application of 30 mg CaC2 plate-1 was found the most appropriate rate which enhanced the germination and seedling growth of cucumber (Table.
Morphological, Floral and Fruit Yield Responses to Exogenous CaC2 in Pot Trial
Table 1: Effect of different rates of CaC2 on germination and seedling growth of cucumber
Table 2: The Subordination function values for germination and seedling growth of cucumber at different rates of CaC2
Table 4: Effect of different rates and coating materials with CaC2 on morphological, floral and yield attributes of cucumber during pot study
Table 3 that application of CaC2 @ 200 mg pot-1 was most prominent among all levels of CaC2.
Shoot dry weight: Shoot dry weight of tomato plants was significantly increased in the treatments where CaC2 was applied @ 100 mg pot-1 compared to control and all other treatment with higher dose of CaC2 application (Table 3).
Number of fruits per plant: Difference in fruit setting in response to applied CaC2 is shown in Table 3.
Fruit yield per plant: Data on fruit yield per plant reveal highly significant differences (p less than 0.01) among rates of CaC2, tomato cultivars and their interactions (Table 2).
Differential response of tomato cultivars in terms of photosynthetic characteristics like PN and carboxylation efficiency due to the application of coated CaC2 is owing to the ethylene production as Mir et al.