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The first poster session features MVT-1075, the Company's novel fully human antibody-based radioimmunotherapy currently being evaluated in clinical development for the treatment of pancreatic cancer and other CA19-9 positive malignancies.
The company's antibody MVT-5873, is a fully human IgG1 monoclonal antibody that targets sialyl Lewis A, an epitope on CA19-9, and is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials as a therapeutic agent for patients with pancreatic cancer and other CA19-9 positive tumors.
A post 3 cycles CT scan showed no significant response though CA19-9 dropped from 347 to 63.
16 Omer improved the sensitivity of diagnosing endometrial cancer to 84% by using detection of multiple serum markers such as HE4, CA125, CA15-3, carcino embryonie antigen and CA19-9,17 suggesting combined detection of HE4 and CA125 were expected to provide more information for the diagnosis of endometrial cancer to make up the deficiency of single detection.
Combined with a known later-stage biomarker called CA19-9, it proved reliable at detecting cancer in hundreds of blood plasma samples donated by patients.
Among the 38 cases studied only 17 patients had raised CA19-9 levels, which was around 44.
All tumor markers, including carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), CA 125, CA19-9, AFP, and B HCG were within normal ranges, as were the other biochemical and hematological parameters.
Some studies have shown that CA19-9 and CA242 have similar sensitivity in the diagnosis of PC, which is higher than CEA [9].
5-80) Adenocarcinoma immunolabeling CEA CA19-9 CK19 CK20 CK7 P53 CDX2 NET immunolabeling Neuroendocrine markers P53 CK19 CK7 CDX2 Positive Cases/ No.
Tumor markers (CEA, CA19-9, CA15-3, PSA) may also be of some value when evaluating ascites fluid for the presence of certain malignant cells.