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Bednar, "Extra-articular implant stabilization for locked atlantoaxial fracture-subluxation with intrusion on the vertebral artery: a new option in less-invasive C2 fracture repair," Spine Journal, vol.
The development of the ROP in the C2 fracture is most commonly seen in elderly population after a low-energy traumatism, with high mortality.
Odontoid Open Mouth View is for suspected C2 fracture and should show lateral masses of the first cervical vertebra and entire odontoid process.7,13,14
All patients registered with the main and secondary diagnosis of C2 fracture treated between 1 January 1997 and 31 December 2014 were extracted from the NPR.
There is no population-based data available on the C2 fracture subgroup distribution with regard to patient age.
He sustained a C2 fracture to his neck and complete spinal cord injury - an injury medics said was almost "unsurvivable".
He had sustained a C2 fracture to his neck and complete spinal cord injury - a injury medics have described as almost "unsurvivable".
Type II: C2 fracture with displacement of the fragment anterior to the ring fracture with flexion, extension, or anterolisthesis (Figure 8).
Combination fractures of C1 and C2 should be evaluated by computed tomography (CT), with reconstruction whenever an isolated C1 or C2 fracture is seen.
Also, the patient suffered from a type III dens fracture with posterior displacement of the odontoid process; pathologic C2 fracture with a comminuted and impacted C2 vertebral body; and multiple lyric lesions at the arch of C1.
The patient had a C2 fracture according to AO/ASIF classification with dorsal metaphyseal comminution (Figure 1).
Palmar plate fixation of AO type C2 fracture of distal radius using a locking compression plate--a biomechanical study in a cadaveric model.