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The C1s peaks along with the decomposition for the systems are displayed in Figure 3 for representative spectra and quantitative results are summarised in Table 3.
In the present study, based on XPS, the C1s and N1s peaks derived from BSA and BSF were detected on both QCM sensor surfaces tested.
Caption: Figure 7: XPS extension atlas of surface carbon C1s before and after the reaction between chlorite and collector CY-23 or NaOL.
It regulates not only the Complement cascade (inhibitor of C1r, C1s, and MASPs) but is also an important regulator of the coagulation cascade activation and inhibits several fibrinolytic proteins (kallikrein, FXIIa, FXIa, and plasmin) [52].
The distribution of the concentration in the depth direction is shown in Figure 3 for chromium (Cr2p), Figure 4 for oxygen (O1s), Figure 5 for molybdenum (Mo3d), Figure 6 for carbon (C1s), and Figure 7 for phosphorus (P2p).
C1QB, C1QC, complement C1S, and SEZ6 may be implicated in synapse development.
Immunoloserological analysis (serum immunoglobulins, chamber count of eosinophils, antinuclear antibodies, complement components--Clq, C3, C4 and C1s inhibitor--qualitative and quantitative analyses, antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies, cryoglobulins);
Last week the suburban Vancouver, British Columbia-based Catalyst said it would expanding its Oxford C1S line of cut-and-stack labels, lamination paper and pressure-sensitive applications.
Rather than purchase a new fleet of tanks, the decision was taken to simply upgrade the Leopard C1s to Leopard C2s by improving the fire control systems to that of a high-tech, all-weather, night and day capability.
His research showed that those at the top of the social scale - the socalled AB and C1s - remained largely the same in 2015 compared to 2005.
Furthermore, the changes in the surface atomic percentage of C1s, N1s, O1s, and Si2p of unmodified and modified tubes are listed in Table 2.