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ce·sar·e·an sec·tion (CS),

incision through the abdominal wall and the uterus (abdominal hysterotomy) for extraction of the fetus.


A cesarean section.



Cesarean section, see there.

Cesarean section; C-section

Incision through the abdominal and uterine walls to deliver the fetus.
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4) In fact, the practice was linked to a slightly higher C-section rate.
However, the c-section infants were found to have lower circulating levels of Th1 chemical messengers in their blood, indicating an imbalance between Th1 and Th2.
To explore association of gestational age at the time of C-section and neonatal outcome this study was conducted to define an appropriate gestational age at which elective caesarean section should be performed to have good neonatal outcome and less perinatal complications.
Public hospitals The situation is different in public hospitals, where people are usually not being pushed to have a C-section.
I'm sure a band playing the Stars and Stripes national anthem are on stand by to strike up outside the exclusive hospital in Los Angeles where self-styled showbiz royalty Victoria, 37, has chosen to have her baby on July 4 - her fourth child and fourth C-section perfectly timed for US Independence Day.
The team looked at a number of other factors that could potentially explain the connection, like heavier birth weight, or income and education levels (more-educated mothers had a higher C-section rate).
The young woman's unborn child was delivered through an emergency C-section at the hospital.
PHYSICIAN'S DEFENSE The retained sponge was left during the C-section.
Changizi said Iranian women were not generally well-informed about the benefits and risks involved with each form of childbirth, and that an elective C-section potentially had more side effects than having a baby the natural way.
That finding--from a Danish cohort study of 34,458 singleton deliveries--suggests that elective C-section should wait until after the 39th week, the study investigators wrote.
Advances in technology, along with the technique and skill of surgeons, have increased the safety of the C-section.
ICAN is a California-based nonprofit organization focused on lowering C-section rates.