C Corporation

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A type of business that may be created by a group of professionals wishing to become incorporated
Pros Less troublesome in daily financial management, minimises current net income—as the income is paid to the physicians as compensation—and minimises current tax liability
Cons At time of sale, up to 60% of the proceeds are paid in taxes by the corporation and by the individual shareholder
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Falcon Minerals Corporation (NASDAQ: FLMN, FLMNW) is a C-Corporation formed to own and acquire high growth oil-weighted minerals rights.
Altus Midstream Company is a pure-play, Permian-to-Gulf Coast midstream C-corporation. Through its consolidated subsidiaries, Altus owns substantially all of the gas gathering, processing and transportation assets servicing production from Apache Corporation (NYSE, Nasdaq: APA) in the Alpine High play in the Delaware Basin, owns equity interests in four Permian-to-Gulf Coast pipelines, and has the option to acquire 50 percent equity interest in the Salt Creek NGL pipeline.
"Big 'I' members, whether organized as a pass-through entity or a C-corporation, can now rest assured that the tax reform law is working for them and their employees," Symington said.
The company calculated its adjusted net income, return on average assets, return on average equity and per share amounts by using a combined C-Corporation effective tax rate for federal and state income taxes of 22.2 percent in 2018 and 40.0 percent in 2017.
She urged attendees to seek advice from an accountant or lawyer on the question of whether to adopt or switch to an LLC, S-corporation or a C-corporation because the benefits and disadvantages may have changed.
Because the Company is taxed as a C-corporation for U.S.
Most businesspeople know by now that C-corporation taxes fell from 35 to 21 percent, and that a new 20 percent deduction on qualified business income is available to sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs and S-corporations.
Tortoise announced that following the signing of the tax reform legislation, Tortoise's C-Corporation closed-end funds will now accrue deferred federal income taxes at a 21% corporate federal tax rate instead of the historical 35% tax rate, the company said.
Limited Liability Company (LLC), S-corporation, or C-corporation? Which should you choose?
Oregon voters are likely to have a chance to vote on Initiative Petition 28, an initiative that proposes a 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on any Oregon-sourced C-corporation with gross receipts in excess of $25 million.
Pass-through taxation is advantageous as shareholders in a C-Corporation face potential double-taxation.