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Atlantic Cardiovascular Patient Outcomes Research Team. A trial comparing outcomes of acute MI treated with primary PCI or thrombolytics in hospitals without on-site cardiac surgery and determining if any differences were maintained long term
Primary endpoints Composite of death, recurrent MI, and stroke at 6 months
Conclusion Primary PCI at hospitals without on-site cardiac surgery had better clinical outcomes than thrombolytics at 6 months after index MI, and a shorter hospital stay
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"An agent introduced us to Clearline's C-Port technology.
Another factor in the growing popularity of Clearline's C-Port supports is the trend in construction today to use pressure-treated lumber.
Initially the company was having the molding for its C-Port units done in Montreal and was doing the welding, assembling and packaging in Winnipeg.
The anticipated new products will build upon earlier joint development that delivered first in market CSIX interface support for the Power X TeraChannel fabric within the C-Port C-5(TM) Network Processor.
"C-Port's entire architecture, leveraging simple C language programming and robust development tools, is aimed at speeding time-to-market and extending time-in-market for our networking equipment customers," stated Bob Gohn, vice president of marketing for C-Port.
C-Port's technologies, such as the C-5 Network Processor, are part of Motorola's Smart Networks Platform.
C-Port's three co-founders are chief executive officer Laurence Walker, who previously headed up Digital Equipment Corp's Alpha chip development efforts, chief technical officer Dave Husak, one of the prime achitects behind 3Com Corp's Synernetics CoreBuilder switches, and vice president Tom Brightman, who founded Cyrix Corp and led the development of the MediaGX processor.
"Ric's extensive experience leading clinical and regulatory efforts both domestically and internationally will be instrumental as we work to increase the adoption of our C-Port system, pursue US regulatory approval of our PAS-Port system and continue development of additional products based on our proprietary anastomosis technology," said Bernard A.