Coccidioides immitis

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Coc·cid·i·oi·des im·mit·is

(kok-sid'ē-oy'dēz i-mī'tis)
A dimorphic fungus widely distributed in desert and semiarid areas of the southwestern U.S., Mexico, and South and Central America; causes coccidioidomycosis, the clinical manifestations of which range from self-limited primary pulmonary infection to a disseminated fatal disease.
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Serum serology for C immitis and a CD4 count were ordered.
C immitis serology obtained after completion of amphotericin was positive at a 1:8 titer.
In a review of C immitis infections in persons infected with HIV, Fish et al[9] noted an increased incidence of severe disease with focal and diffuse pulmonary involvement being the most common patterns.