By antigen

By an·ti·gen

see Blood Groups Appendix.
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The presentation, entitled "Immunotherapy Using Ii-Key Modified Peptides for Increased, Antigen-Specific T Helper Cell Activation," was made by Antigen Express president Eric von Hofe at the Cambridge Healthtech Institutes' ninth annual PepTalk Conference held in San Diego 11-15 January 2010.
WORCESTER - A technology developed by Antigen Express Inc.
Nonetheless, we were unable to monitor our patient's response to treatment by antigen tests, as is recommended (9,14), because they are not available in Taiwan.
Diagnosis of histoplasmosis by antigen detection based upon experience at the histoplasmosis reference laboratory.
This Ii protein immunoregulating platform technology has been also been applied by Antigen Express scientists to cure murine prostate, renal cell, and colon tumors (under other NIH SBIR grants).
Virologic diagnosis was made by antigen detection, viral culture, and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) on a nasopharyngeal wash specimen as described (12) and was confirmed by seroconversion of neutralizing antibody against H5N1 virus.
In recently vaccinated persons, memory cells are expanded by antigen reexposure, and their increase in frequency could be quantitatively detected by the rapid flow cytometric T-cell assay, confirming the efficacy of vaccination.