forest in Uganda.
Bwamba virus - genus Bunyavirus, family Bunyaviridae; causes mild infection and unidentified fevers; often mistaken for malaria.
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But the most significant of all the above is the creation of Obudingya Bwa Bwamba.
The African primitives, he suggests, are the Nuer, Dinka, and Mandari of Sudan; Bwamba and Lugbara of Uganda; and Konkomba of Togoland, among others.
The institute was the first to isolate more than 20 new arboviruses, including West Nile Virus, Bwamba Fever, Semliki Forest Virus, Orungo, Kadam, and O'nyong'nyong.
Several level 3 viruses have historically been associated with sizeable outbreaks (>100 cases) in human populations: Bwamba, Oropouche, Lake Victoria Marburg, Sudan Ebola, and o'nyong-nyong viruses.
KOWV and YACV are also part of a larger clade, which includes the Nyando, Wyeomyia, Bunyamwera, Bwamba, and California encephalitis groups.
Bunyaviral fevers: Bunyamwera, Ilesha, Germiston, Bwamba and Tataguine.