forest in Uganda.
Bwamba virus - genus Bunyavirus, family Bunyaviridae; causes mild infection and unidentified fevers; often mistaken for malaria.
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But the most significant of all the above is the creation of Obudingya Bwa Bwamba.
The African primitives, he suggests, are the Nuer, Dinka, and Mandari of Sudan; Bwamba and Lugbara of Uganda; and Konkomba of Togoland, among others.
Several level 3 viruses have historically been associated with sizeable outbreaks (>100 cases) in human populations: Bwamba, Oropouche, Lake Victoria Marburg, Sudan Ebola, and o'nyong-nyong viruses.
KOWV and YACV are also part of a larger clade, which includes the Nyando, Wyeomyia, Bunyamwera, Bwamba, and California encephalitis groups.
Bunyaviral fevers: Bunyamwera, Ilesha, Germiston, Bwamba and Tataguine.