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Thomas, English physician, 1831-1919. See: Buzzard maneuver.
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On the ledge of rock above this strange couple there stood three solemn buzzards, who, at the sight of the new comers uttered raucous screams of disappointment and flapped sullenly away.
The coyote skulks among the scrub, the buzzard flaps heavily through the air, and the clumsy grizzly bear lumbers through the dark ravines, and picks up such sustenance as it can amongst the rocks.
at your time of day to be shooting at hawks and buzzards, with eighteen open mouths to feed.
I respectfully beg to thank you, sir, for overlooking the case of the stuffed buzzard, and the other case of the Cupid's wing--as also for permitting me to wash my hands of all responsibility in respect of the pins on the carpet, and the litter in Mr.
I fully anticipated a demand for certain new concessions, following the precedent already established in the cases of the stuffed buzzard, and the Cupid's wing.
BUZZARDS BAY Alice (Gouveris) Christy, 90, of Buzzards Bay, formerly of Worcester, died Thursday, July 5th.
Newcomers include buzzards, the Bee Orchid flower, and the Emperor dragonfly.
A judicial review in London ruled that Natural England, the Government's conservation advisor, was wrong to refuse Northumberland gamekeeper Richard McMorn a licence to control buzzards.
A gamekeeper in Northumberland who says his livelihood has been ruined by a refusal to let him trap and kill the buzzards which are killing his pheasants has taken his case to the High Court.
He killed 10 buzzards and a sparrowhawk and could have been jailed for six months for the death of each bird but was given a suspended 10-week sentence.
Tynedale Wildlife Crime Officer, Colin Heath, said: "Buzzards are protected birds and inquiries are being carried out to identify the person responsible.