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Managed care
A term referring to the arrangements that States make for paying Medicare premiums on behalf of those they are required or choose to cover.

The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice.


Medical practice The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice
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Mr Griesbach said: 'Management buy-ins have become increasingly popular at the very large end of the market, both with private equity houses and management teams.
The 3bn transaction with Legal & General in March 2014 remains the largest buy-in or buy-out policy ever executed in the UK.
Over the past 10 years, premiums for buy-in and buyouts totalling PS64bn have been paid to UK insurers.
buy-in transaction to date was secured this summer, for almost $100 million.
plan sponsors were exploring pension risk buy-ins or buyouts.
There is an old formula for bankroll building that advises players to have at least 30 buy-ins stowed away before making a serious run at it.
Rob Yong, managing director of the Dusk Till Dawn club, a successful international poker player himself, said: "Due to the range of di"erent buy-ins, I expect this to be the biggest UK poker festival ever.
Players may reserve their seats at this huge freezeout poker tournament with a direct buy-in of $200+$15, or they can satellite their way through one of the many qualifiers taking place throughout the month of November.
5 billion annuity buy-in with Prudential Insurance Company of America, which resulted in a small but vocal group of retirees filing a lawsuit.
Responding to increased interest the ABI and NAPF have published an updated Bulk-Insured Pensions guidance: A Good Practice Guide 2011 to help trustees understand the process of entering into a buy-out or buy-in bulk insured pension scheme.
Summary paragraph: From aiCIO Magazine's Fall 2011 Issue: Prudential executes the first American pension buy-in.