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Managed care
A term referring to the arrangements that States make for paying Medicare premiums on behalf of those they are required or choose to cover.

The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice.


Medical practice The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice
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The change represents an increase of 2.3 times over the six years and highlights that UK pension plans of increasingly larger size are turning to pension buy-ins and buyouts to manage defined benefit pension risk.
Generally companies pay their premiums in cash, but a plan sponsor may also be able to structure a buy-in as an asset-in-kind (AIK) deal.
We would suggest that Buy-in Team Leaders are, however, likely to be making the move in mid-career and will have had general management experience.
A common problem for those wanting to buy-in: coming up with the lump-sum payment.
Almost 27 percent of the enrollees under age 65 were "buy-ins." Most of these were disabled persons unable to work and probably suffered long-standing disabilities that prevented them from engaging in sufficient gainful employment to acquire automatic HI coverage or the resources to pay for their SMI coverage.
Huw Evans of BESTrustees, Chairman of the Scheme, commented: This buy-in improves the risk profile and investment efficiency of the Scheme for all members and represents a significant step towards securing the benefits promised.
Online poker players interested in playing this unique Caribbean poker event are invited to participate in one of Titan Poker's many scheduled and sit 'n' go qualifiers, with buy-ins starting as low as EUR0.80 + EUR0.08.
However, not all parties involved in annuity buy-ins feel they are beneficial, namely, the retirees to whom the pensions are owed.
While popular in Europe and the U.K., annuity buy-ins are rarely seen in the U.S.
In May, the Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company, with the help (and, perhaps, prodding) of Prudential, became the first American pension to complete a buy-in, whereby the Hartford-based financial powerhouse took on $75 million worth of risk from the company's defined benefit pension plan.
Players pay a "buy-in" or entry fee that lets them get a certain number of chips and then wager with the chips instead of money.
Playing at tables with higher buy-ins earns more points than at lower buy-in tables.