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3: ramas de Rhamnus alpinus, ramas de Buxus sempervirens (930038, 930046, 930047); --2: ramas de Abies alba, tronco y ramas de Salix caprea (930143, 930144, 930162).
Hedges in the Washington gardens at Mount Vernon are the dwarf variety of boxwood, which is the Buxus sempervirens variety of suffruticosa.
Most commonly seen today is dwarf box, Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa', but traditionally woody herbs such as Teucrium chamaedrys and Santolina chamaecyparissus have been used.
All very lovely, of course, but there has been a profusion of stately canals, squares of clipped buxus sempervirens, pleached hornbeams and elegant yews.
British plants such as Drypoteris (fern), Buxus sempervirens (common box), Miscanthus sinensis (ornamental grass) and perennials can be combined with the more traditional Japanese plants like Phyllostachys nigra or P.
The best evergreen plants are dwarf box, buxus sempervirens suffruticosa and santolina or cotton lavender, which has felted silvery grey foliage that's also scented.
FLANK the entrance to your home with two identical elegant clipped box hedge plants, Buxus sempervirens, in matching containers.
Suitable plants for here are Lonicera nitida fertilis - look out for the gold-leafed variety Baggesen's Gold, and box or Buxus sempervirens.
Buxus sempervirens is the taller variety, which will reach 6ft in just 10 years and eventually grow to 15ft.