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The purpose of this report was to determine the antitumorigenic effect of butyric acid, a common compound found in dairy products and which is naturally produced as a result of the fermentation of non-digestible carbohydrates, on the dysplastic lesions development in the colon of 1,2 dymethylhidrazine (DMH) treated rats.
Tributyrin: a prodrug of butyric acid for potential-clinical application in differentiation therapy.
As compared the group fed butyric acid glycerides (BaBy [C.
Positive effects of powdery butyric acid glycerids on the performance of chicks return possibly to improvement of digestion and adsorbent of nutrient such as protein.
Supplementation of butyric acid showed no significant difference in the concentration of serum HDL among all the treatment groups including the control group confirming the earlier findings [14-15].
Effect of butyric acid on the performance and carcass yield of broiler chickens.
DM = Dry matter; CP = Crude protein; WSC = Water-soluble carbohydrates; LA = Lactic acid; AA = Acetic acid; PA = Propionic acid; BA = Butyric acid.
In addition, butyric acid is the preferred substrate for the colonic epithelial cells (Roediger, 1980), and may act on cell proliferation and differentiation (Metzler et al.
Corn also produced the highest amount of butyric acid and the smallest amount of acetic acid of all substrates.
The OF and MIX had the highest butyric acid between inocula.