Butterfly Effect

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A potential effect of minute dynamic movement—e.g., the beating of a butterfly’s wings in a particular direction might be randomly amplified, such that a butterfly could theoretically, in a chaotic system, result in large changes in the behavior of a system (e.g., cause a typhoon on the other side of the world)
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Guest speakers included Selina Lewis, Young Magnet Academy Charter School; representatives of the "Lite Wing" drone company; Lina Young-Green, President of Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association; Sonja Jordan of Miracles Outreach non-profit; and Patricia Robinson, President of the Board of Directors for the Butterfly Effect of Golf.
But even this marvel of technology is not without its butterfly effect.
The Butterfly Effect began its test-run last week with 30 children, in different groups, sponsored by families in the U.
Our cover story had a similar butterfly effect, he wanted to be a mechanic and he ended up leading an antitrust lawsuit against Intel.
The fact that it has little legal value is not important: it is a "collective and necessarily consensual base [ ], a milestone in the sector's governance and a showcase for the entire international community," according to Butterfly Effect.
Some students report that learning about the butterfly effect was a high point of the course.
She thanked Axa for the "fantastic opportunity", which is proof that the butterfly effect works.
the butterfly effect and how the choices we make shape not only us as individuals, but the people around us; and
A BLOODSTOCK equivalent of the butterfly effect - the theory that an insect flapping its wings in one place might lead to a hurricane on the other side of the world - occurred in Suffolk on Saturday night, starting with the birth of a foal by Black Sam Bellamy, writes Richard Griffiths.
According to chaos theory, which underlies the butterfly effect, one such decision can produce potentially devastating consequences.
You are living in the country that can create the biggest of butterfly effect.