Batwing Distribution

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A descriptor for shaggy, bilateral peri-hilar lung opacifications, seen on an AP chest film, due to intra-alveolar fluid exudation, first described in uraemia, but more typical of pulmonary oedema; it may occur in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
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The habitat, the season, and interaction between habitat and season affected the evenness of butterfly distribution (Table 1).
Even considering these important levels of butterfly diversity for a single landscape, butterfly distribution and structure have experienced important shifts at the local (forest stand) and landscape scales.
In describing the malar rash of lupus, textbooks often show photos of a vivid, contiguous red rash in the classic butterfly distribution on the cheeks and nose, according to Dr.
Finally, natural influences can affect butterfly distribution and abundance.
Using data on butterfly distributions and abundances, collected by members of the public since the 1970s through 'citizen science' schemes, Louise Mair, a PhD student in Biology at York, and her colleagues examined factors limiting butterfly range expansion.
To enhance our understanding of butterfly distributions and colonization events, we used several types of data from MRR and observational studies.
mapped butterfly distributions in various terrains within the southeast rain forest of Madagascar.