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It's hard because your butt cheeks are always facing part of the crowd," Contactmusic frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger, as saying.
Start off sitting and in a smooth and controlled manner clench the butt cheeks together and lift your body upwards.
The sexually charged up music video also sees Nicki playing drums on another dancer's butt cheeks.
THE statuette for these awards should really be of a pair of silver-plated butt cheeks because this prize is all about bums on seats - and the movies that you voted for.
They are heavier than some 'real' rock bands and they're cooler than an eskimo's butt cheeks.
He added: "Baring my butt cheeks was not in the script.
Karlie came in a black dress with plunging neckline too, showing off her well-toned back and a glimpse of her butt cheeks.
WHEN the announcer introduced "the man who brings the two halves together" on The Other Half Celebrity Special (BBC1, last night) I expected to meet the surgeon who's just connected Dale Winton's forehead to his butt cheeks.
Not only did Hogan swing on a giant wrecking ball, he also bared his butt cheeks by wearing a thong in the wrecking ball scene.