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Because due to my determination to be the wounded hero I have found myself sitting on my injured butt cheeks for the past four weekends which ultimately left new Stenny boss John Coughlan with no other option than to bring in a loan replacement.
I don't think there's anything wrong with a couple of butt cheeks personally.
Fecteau presented thirteen compact sculptures made over the past two years, including an impossible corner of girders held up by twigs, and a white domed affair, perhaps inspired as much by a baked Alaska as by some ideation of butt cheeks.
My front foot kept going forward and one of my butt cheeks hit the ground.
The best way to see if your child has threadworms is to wait until they are asleep, part their butt cheeks and peer in with a torch.
It's hard because your butt cheeks are always facing part of the crowd," Contactmusic frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger, as saying.
Start off sitting and in a smooth and controlled manner clench the butt cheeks together and lift your body upwards.
Along with the ample breasts and parted butt cheeks, the gaping sphincters and vaginas, the little fleur-de-lis erections and the teardrops of cure scattered across this 13-years-worth of paintings, there also appeared picket fences, pilgrims in tall buckled hats, praying hands beside parted books, and quotes from the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address.
In the behind-the-scenes photo, which was shared by photographer Mert Alas, Gomez was seen posing in front of a mirror wearing a thong, which left her butt cheeks totally exposed.
The Boyzone singer accidentally flashed his butt cheeks when he fought to make it out of the semi-final on the UTV show.
They are heavier than some 'real' rock bands and they're cooler than an eskimo's butt cheeks.