Butcher, Richard George H.

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Richard George H., Irish surgeon, 1819-1891.
Butcher saw - amputating saw.
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And a mere five minutes later, Sean Butcher saw his header come back off the face of the Buckie bar with Bell beaten.
Honorable mentions: Mintcraft butcher saw for butchering deer and wild pigs; Gorilla Glue adhesive products; Honda 2,800-watt portable inverter generator to keep our appliances running in case of power outages; Norton Arkansas oilstone for sharpening knives and chisels; Roselli hatchet for woodcarving; Victorinox Swiss Army Centurion knife for garden and maintenance work; Havalon skinning knife for skinning deer and roadkill.
A catastrophic run of results under Terry Butcher saw them drop out of the top flight from what should have been a position of mid-table safety.
Terry Butcher saw Caley Thistle's pockets picked by St Johnstone in the summer – and felt the Perth men were at it again yesterday.
Butcher saw it otherwise and chased the referee back to the halfway line protesting, and picked up a yellow card for his pains.
Former Rangers captain Butcher saw his team draw 1-1 in the SPL at Ibrox in October and 2-2 at Celtic in their last match two weeks ago.
In Bosnia, Butcher saw a little girl have her throat cut "for no other reason that she was Muslim".
A COUNTRY butcher saw sales go wild when he introduced a new range of crocodile steaks.
The jury heard a young woman named Donna Butcher saw a group of young men surrounding Mr Langford.
The kit includes a butcher saw w/two blades, 6 1/2" cleaver, 8" utility knife, 4" skinning knife, 5 1/2" boning knife, sharpening steel, folding gambrel, and 74' of rope and hoist.
Tory John Butcher saw his party's vote fall from 34,768 to 22,829 and Labour's John Backhouse lost his deposit, polling just 5,450 votes - compared with 15,496 in 1979.