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Preferred chemical name for N-butyl alcohol.
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Synthesis of D in n-butanol with various amounts of ethylene glycol (EG).--The mixture was stirred into a l,000-mL reactor in which 104.0 g of DA, 230.0 g of urea, 400.0 g of butanol, and 100.0 g of EG were added all at once, and then heating was applied.
3.2.1 Deshidratacion del etanol y el butanol con la zeolita HZSM-5 relacion Si/Al = 28
Para el butanol, a 140[grados]C, se encontro la presencia de 3 picos representativos de la fraccion hidrocarburos C4 a 5 minutos.
2 we can demonstrate that on the air--water surface the adsorbed butanol monolayer has significant surface resistance to the oxygen mass transfer already at very small bulk concentrations of alcohol.
Moreover, a reduction of the surface tension occurred also at higher concentrations of tert-butanol as compared to the other butanol isomers.
Occupational exposure to butanol may result in depression of the CNS and may cause severe eye irritation and moderate skin irritation.
Current scheme is for toluene, xylene, butanol and styrene which cause nervous system disturbances and are classified in risk ranking as groups 6-8.