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Drug slang
A regional term for injection paraphernalia.

Vox populi
(1) Any particular occupation or employment engaged in for livelihood or gain, such as agriculture, trade, art or profession.
(2) Financial dealings; buying and selling; commercial traffic, mercantile transactions.


Drug slang Injection paraphernalia


a commercial enterprise trading in goods or services which incurs expenditure, earns income and trades, hopefully, at a profit.

business directory
lists the names of all businesses operating in a particular area as an aid to consumers. It is now customary to list professional practices in the same directory.
business names
must be registered with a statutory bureau which controls the use of all business names and with the professional registering authority. Both of these organizations are tightly selective of the names that can be used. In the veterinary profession they are literally practice names.
business nuisance
anything done which interferes with the reasonable use of a person's business premises, e.g. traffic blocking access, noise or smell offensive to customers or workers, health risks because of poor sanitation or hygiene.

Patient discussion about business

Q. How do people with Bipolar Disorder make it in today's business world? It's competitive, and it seems stability/happiness is out of reach because being bipolar you feel are out of touch.

A. There are jobs you can manage- being a writer (if you have the gift), being a freelancer, nothing you need to commit for more then few months a year. And if you take the meds and they are helping- just keep taking them.

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So although the self-help office was initially aimed solely at assisting startup business, in April of 2003 they will be switching to assist existing businesses.
While we are pleased with the improvements in credit availability, it would be foolish to assume that no problem areas exist or that small businesses are no longer vulnerable to changes in the financial environment.
To assist small businesses in doing this, the MBDA, on its Website (www.
Since 1993, several states (including Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts and Wisconsin) have formally announced their intentions to follow Geoffrey, applying their income taxes to businesses that maintain an intangible property presence within their borders.
For example, the value of commercial real estate plummeted during the early 1990s, damaging an important source of equity and collateral for many small businesses.
Businesses of all sizes want to exploit the advantages of e-commerce.
Businesses with less than $10 million in gross sales should be allowed to use simplified accounting methods in cash accounting, full expensing of all assets and bad debts and deduction meals and automobile expenses.
Government should encourage lending institutions to relax regulations on collateral, and should do so itself, particularly as it relates to nontraditional businesses.
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