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Drug slang
A regional term for injection paraphernalia.

Vox populi
(1) Any particular occupation or employment engaged in for livelihood or gain, such as agriculture, trade, art or profession.
(2) Financial dealings; buying and selling; commercial traffic, mercantile transactions.
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Drug slang Injection paraphernalia
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Patient discussion about business

Q. How do people with Bipolar Disorder make it in today's business world? It's competitive, and it seems stability/happiness is out of reach because being bipolar you feel are out of touch.

A. There are jobs you can manage- being a writer (if you have the gift), being a freelancer, nothing you need to commit for more then few months a year. And if you take the meds and they are helping- just keep taking them.

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Weakness in cyber security is a significant business risk across all organisations.
Erik Ekman will be acting as interim head of Group Business Risk Management, while also continuing in his current role as head of Commercial & Business
Ranked in 10[] place in 2018, it is now number 8, with 13 percent viewing this as a significant business risk.
"Flashpoint's expansion in Asia-Pacific presents a fantastic opportunity for even more organisations to develop and enhance their security and risk postures with Business Risk Intelligence," said Jankang Tao, Managing Director for Asia-Pacific at Flashpoint.
For example, the plan could outline steps the organization could take to integrate more decision makers, business risk management tools and levels of automation into the overall program.
At the same time, Warba's business risk profile would need to remain at least satisfactory, in our opinion, and its financial risk profile at least moderately strong.
"I am sure he will definitely strengthen our business risk services practice and add further pace to our growth proposition in Bahrain and the Middle East," Grant Thornton Abdulaal managing partner Jassim Abdulaal said.
Managing Business Risk: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Business, 10th Edition
AM Best said, " the rating upgrades reflect QGIRC's strong risk-adjusted capitalisation, sound track record of operating performance and enhanced risk management capabilities" Sheikh Nasser bin Ali bin Saud al-Thani, QGIRC chairman and managing director, said, "AM Best's announcement recognised QGIRC's solid operating performance and strong financial and business risk profile.
A unique feature of the tool is that it generates two PDs for each company one for financial risk and one for business risk that are then rolled into one single PD reflecting the company's overall creditworthiness.
Insider ownership, debt and dividend were set as dependent variables and profitability, size of a firm, business risk, investment, sales growth and fixed assets were set as independent variables in this study.
Managing business risk; a practical guide to protecting your business, 9th ed.

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