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proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.
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trade name

The trademark name or commercial trade name for a material or product
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Ambi explained that they received approximately 12,000 registrations of business names, but some registrants usually operate business not related to those that they applied for.
In the same year, the DTI also implemented an electronic payment scheme for business name registration.
For every feedback provided to improve Kreato CRM, the customers will be rewarded with planting a tree on their business name.
Register your business name with your state government.
Business owners buy the URLs for their business names, and pick up product names, too.
It can get complicated if the original business name includes the family surname, and the departing relatives also intend to use the family name.
YOU have registered your business name as a trademark you can prevent the use of an identical or confusingly similar name in connection with the same trade or business.
To sign up for the new service, FFLs should e-mail their request, including name, business name, FFL number and e-mail address, to
Cantox HSI will continue to provide independent expert advice and consulting services under its business name.
"Having the best business name in the North East is something to treasure."
Using the business name, address, phone numbers and federal ID number, the service returns a variety of information designed to help expose the possibility of fraud.
If so, it is advisable to check how your chosen business name translates in the relevant languages.

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