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proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.

trade name

The trademark name or commercial trade name for a material or product
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To avail of this scheme, sole proprietors may log on to the Business Name Registration System's (BNRS) website at bnrs.
For every referral provided on Kreato CRM, the customers will be rewarded with planting a tree on their business name.
DTI registers about 300,000 business names yearly and about 5 percent of these registrations are online, with the payments still being done at DTI offices.
Additional paid services are also offered, including research into trademarks, state business registries, available domain names and competitors' business names.
ALARGE companies, often represented by expensive city law firms, will sometimes try to assert a greater monopoly over the use of a business name or style than the law permits.
One winner from each of the 13 regions will be chosen to battle it out for the national title of Yell 'Best Business Name 2005'.
A business name mustn't be offensive or give a false impression of what your business does.
Yellow Pages, I'm pleased to say, turned out not to disappoint last week, with the announcement of their Best Business Names award 2004.
A Teesside plumber has considered changing his business name after a conman used it to rip off customers.
Entrepreneurs can register for or renew a business name, apply for employer health tax, retail sales tax, workplace safety and insurance board accounts.
The common-law approach of the civilized world has protected names of businesses and their trademarks as their intellectual property, backed by a simple principle: "Your business name will not be allowed to be confused with someone else's business name, and you must be protected from somebody else trying to confuse your business name with his.
In March 1993, the state board of accountancy ordered Carberry either to stop using the word accounting in his business name or to add a disclaimer that he is not licensed by the state.

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