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business office,

n the room where the business of the dental practice is conducted.
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Your business office can start with a "courtesy call" to make sure that the statement was received.
PHILADELPHIA, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Bell of Pennsylvania has extended business office hours and in some Pennsylvania locations the company now offers same-day service installations.
As the blended travel/banking promotion expands, "bank ticketing" is expected to roll-out to the more 400 business offices of The Construction Bank of China throughout Xinjiang.
Tedious manual processes in the BHS business office led to delays in compiling documentation requested by payors to support claims payment, resulting in less than optimal cash collections.
The performance of our business office was on the decline and the reason was our inability to recruit qualified, skilled employees," he explained.
suite(TM) solution set as an effective answer to the inherent inefficiencies of healthcare business offices.
Its research headquarters are in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and its business offices are located in New York City.
This is a distinct advantage for those organizations that have more than one business office system or that plan to migrate to an ERP system in the future.
Business Offices Using 3Com(R) PathBuilder(TM) WAN Access Systems
ECC), after discovering that typical telephone landlines would be too expensive to link the 15 business offices across the pueblo, suggested to the tribal leaders that they consider a wireless solution.
Other Parker Aerospace business offices in Europe include one in Hertfordshire, England, staffed by Parker Regional Manager David Weetman, and in Norderstedt, Germany, staffed by Parker Customer Service Manager Dirk Lichteiker.
13, 1997--IPN Network (Nasdaq: UICI), one of the nation's leading providers of health care patient financial management services, signed contracts this week to manage the business offices of Saint Thomas Hospital and Clarksville Regional Health System.
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