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Henry, English physician, 1799-1849. See: Burton line.
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Burton was unique, a superstar who was also a great actor, an intellectual who could convincingly play tough guys, equally at home in modern drama, such as Edward Albee's searing portrait of a decaying marriage in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
The Burtons needed to make movies to sustain their extravagant lifestyle, and studios needed to pay them high amounts in an effort to produce films that made money at the box office.
A decline in NIH funding endangers progress," Don Burton told his representatives.
Just outside London, in the village of Mortlake, the massive tomb of Sir Richard Burton rises among the humbler graves of St.
Our vehicle for the evening was Playing Burton, a remarkable monologue written and directed by Mark Jenkins.
In deference to Seelig's argument, I leave unquestioned the appropriateness and precision of such a term as "metaphysical," particularly when applied to authors so divergent as Donne, Browne, and Burton - not to mention Sterne and Thoreau
Bill Burton is a buffalo rancher, but he didn't get into it on a cholesterol-correct marketing whim.
Grand Prize: Private Wine Dinner for Eight at Burtons Grill
Over the years, Rassi has become an incredibly good friend," said Jake Burton, Founder & Chairman of Burton Snowboards.
These new cases feature Speck's protective, form-fit two-piece design, along with original fabric-wrapped styles from the Burton apparel collection, designed to keep you looking sharp on or off the slopes.
Back in 2006 and again in 2010, Burton stepped up to create the Olympic uniforms because we felt it was imperative that a snowboard company help drive the design around what riders want," said Jake Burton, Founder & CEO of Burton Snowboards.
As far as products go, the 2,800-square-foot Burton DC store features an extensive line-up of Burton's best-in-class outerwear, bags and accessories, as well as a great range of apparel including hoodies, denim, flannels, t-shirts and more.