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Henry, English physician, 1799-1849. See: Burton line.
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DEAL: From left, Richard Marr of Narec, James Harrison of Watson Burton, Richard Martin of Shepherd Construction, Colin Sargeant of Shepherd Construction, Neil Matthies of Shepherd Construction, Andrew Mill of Narec, Jonathan Lunn of Turner & Townsend, Tony Quinn of Turner & Townsend, Andrew Constantine of Shepherd Construction and Hannah Buckroyd of Watson Burton
Goals from Graham Burton (2), Ian Burton, Richard Lawrence (2) and James Hindley earned Inter Cwmbran a comfortable 6-0 win over Boots Cardiff.
Addled actors (Richard Burton, Richard Harris.) Woozy writers (Ernest Hemingway, Dylan Thomas).
Head of property at Watson Burton, Richard Freeman-Wallace, said: "Judging these awards does not get any easier.
"O'Toole, Burton, Richard Harris, they were all very much men of their time.
Bronze winners: Hannah Burton, Richard Canavan, Amy Cookes, Andrew Corcoran, Natalie Dean, Madeleine Hughes, Amy Key, Samantha Leese, Joanne Maconnachie, Natasha Melling, Rachel Miller, Rebecca Morris, Stephen Nelmes, Catherine Nestoruk, Danielle Norris, Adam Novakovic, Rakhee Panchal, Vikki Sherrington, Shefali Srivastava, Harriett Taggart, Ashley Thornton, Richard Tilley, Charlotte Wall and Mark Williams.
Gillian Kearney plays English teacher Kitty Burton, Richard Griffiths plays chief education officer Leo Wheeldon and newcomer Senya Roberts plays disabled pupil Liana.
Sir Anthony, who once partied with legendary drinkers Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Oliver Reed, has not touched a drop since Jenni persuaded him to seek help back in 1975.